About us

About our company

Lefresh Water – Abu Dhabi based professional and continuously developing water distributer.  

Lefresh Mineral Water Company is the best mineral water company in Abu Dhabi and UAE. We serve with the high quality & standards products. We promise to bring healthy, and fresh-water to saves the life of your family with our superior and excellent water quality.

“Lefresh Mineral Water is the best choice and you deserve the best”.

Our aim is to supply the best quality mineral water to our loyal customers. We are efficient, reliable & trust wordiness towards our suppliers, clients &  business partners. We are a strong believer in the “Customer service excellence”  concept and excellent post-delivery & distribution customer service assistance.


Our Mission

Our Business plan declares our purpose to serves as the standard and bring them market success.

We believe in the values that contribute to a better world.
• To inspire moments of optimism and happiness…
• To create value and make a difference.

Our company was founded in 2017
Under the kind and young supervision and fastly growing in the market of UAE
Full Controll
Healthy Composition
6 Filtration Stages
Quality certificates
Lefresh Mineral water
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